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13639 US Hwy. 287 North
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Shipping Information

For your convenience, we will prepare personal laminated shipping tags so that you can attach them to your hides and skulls for shipment to The Sportsman's Memory Shop. These are especially helpful in keeping your trophies properly identified. They also help us when we are checking your shipment in.

» Trophies From Within The U.S. «

When sending your trophies to be mounted, please:

  1. Be sure that the items being sent are properly preserved.
  2. Wrap the salted hide in burlap or cloth. Any moisture trapped in a plastic bag may cause irreparable hair slipping, or rotting of the hide.
  3. Please enclose a letter stating the following:
    • Full Name
    • Complete Address
    • Daytime Telephone Number
    • Hunting License Number
    • Tag Number or Seal Number
    • Fax Number
    • Email Address
  4. Make sure that every package is carefully addressed and that your name and return address appear on the outside of the package. If the contents are perishable or need immediate attention upon arrival, please mark the package accordingly.


» Trophies From Outside the U.S. - Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Etc «

All shipments originating outside of the United States should be sent to the Well Worldwide Logistics Inc. This is our broker that we suggest you use.

WELL Worldwide Energy Logistics, Inc
3340-C Greens Road Suite 450
Houston, TX 77032
PH: 281-606-2400
FX: 281-606-2435

Trophy Import Department

Lynette Lilley

Cindi Rulon

Carol Harris

Air Export Department

Deirdre Corradino

Toryata Smith

We suggest that you contact our Customs Broker, WELL Worldwide, immediately upon return from your hunt to provide them details of who now has your trophies. They will monitor the progress of your trophies. They accept all credit cards in payment of their charges.

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